The Open Educational Resource university (OERu). More from Paul Stacey here.

At the Wall Stree Journal (online), John Chubb and Terry Moe (of the Hoover Institution) write about edX, a new partnership between Harvard and MIT for online education. This bit is worth noting:

  • "Over the long term, online technology promises historic improvements in the quality of and access to higher education. The fact is, students do not need to be on campus at Harvard or MIT to experience some of the key benefits of an elite education. Moreover, colleges and universities, whatever their status, do not need to put a professor in every classroom. One Nobel laureate can literally teach a million students, and for a very reasonable tuition price. Online education will lead to the substitution of technology (which is cheap) for labor (which is expensive)—as has happened in every other industry—making schools much more productive."

AT&T has made a $3.8 million dollar donation to GameDesk, a startup that has the goal of "revolutionizing the way we teach and learn." GameDesk's about page offers this passage:
  • "The program targets students attending under-performing schools in the metropolitan Los Angeles area. To successfully support students, the culture of learning must be changed. GameDesk programs engage students, motivates [sic] them to learn, and rewards [sic] them in ways that instills [sic] confidence, allowing them to build a foundation for continued learning experiences."
I hope they spend some of the money on a competent editor for their website.

At Slate, Lisa Guernsey asks, can your preschooler learn anything from an iPad App?

MITx - the Massachsetts Institute of Technology is developing a portfolio of free on-line courses, with the first one, Circuits and Electronics, set for Fall 2012.

The OpenUCTInitiative of the University of Cape Town


straighterline university

At the Chronicle of Higher Education, articles about 12 tech innovators in higher education, starting here.

The Humanities and Technology - THAT Camp - and a long talk on digital humanities by Daniel Cohen of the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University (Cohen's talk begins 7:00 minutes in).

At the Chronicle of Higher Education an article about Salman Khan and his Khan Academy.
An article in Wired about the Khan Academy

Will Apple replace textbooks with iBooks?

The Billion Brain Blog

Western Governors University - an entirely online university

Neuroscience and the classroom - a course for educators at the Annenberg Foundation

Various links on Sugata Mitra: A column by Matt Ridley (author of The Rational Optimist)
Professor Mitra's wikispace (lots of links there)
The Hole in the Wall.
The self organized learning environments (SOLEs) wikispace

A free college education for all?

A new musical instrument that can be used by disabled children: The Skoog.From the Skoog website: "The Skoog enables children to experience the joy of making music for themselves. Suitable for MLD, SLD, PMLD, global delay, downs syndrome, sensory impairment, physical and mental problems, behavioural issues and Autism." - a platform for people to manage their work, classes, and life in general

HandsOn University

The University of the People - website for a tuition-free online university. An article about the university in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Another one in the Washington Post.

Nicholas Negroponte wants to see One Laptop per Child.

Physicist Neil Turok wants to help find the Next Einstein in Africa. (Note: there's a TED talk by Dr. Turok on the Developing Countries video page)

Bill Gates' Big History project

Sweden's Knowledge Schools (see a related video on the Videos page)

Development Gateway is "an international nonprofit organization with the mission to reduce poverty and enable change in developing nations through information technology."

The OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation.

Metafari (Tanzania) and Metasaga (Scotland)

Award-winning Wikispaces created by teachers:

Wissahockon School District's Tool Box (Pennsylvania)

Greetings from the World (Croatia)

Celebr8UandMeDigitally (Portugal and Turkey)

Trekking the Planet